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Resilience and Healthy Ageing Network

Resilience and Healthy Ageing

This was initially the website of the resilience and healthy ageing research development network, and now is used as an outlet to update on any research and practice in relation to resilience.

Funded through the Lifelong Health and Wellbeing Cross-Council Programme, the network aimed to:

Unite and build upon previous work and existing evidence undertaken on resilience, and strengthen this with new perspectives and collaborations, thereby enhancing research capacity and development. It will develop a research, knowledge transfer and dissemination strategy and subsequent research bids that reflect a multi-disciplinary life course perspective to healthy ageing. This will be conducted using an approach that will increase the potential of knowledge transfer throughout the process. This will generate new knowledge for research, policy and practice on the multi-layered complexities of the ageing process and resilience which cannot be understood from a single disciplinary perspective.

Between May 2009 and March 2010 our programme of work considered the following questions:

  • Image of LogoTo what extent is resilience determined by community, individual and biological characteristics?
  • How can resilience best be defined and measured in order to inform research, policy and practice?
  • How can resilience be developed, maintained and enhanced to reduce health and social inequalities and achieve healthy ageing across the life-course?
  • How do life course experiences influence health and resilience?

The work of the network lead to research publications, conference presentations, further research development and grant capture, and collaborations with others interested in resilience.